The Last Step: Making the Final Touches to your Writing

The final step is often the hardest. And the bizarre thing, it’s usually the smallest. Thus it is so with accomplishing anything in life, including being a successful writer. The final step is that last little rung, at the top of the ladder, that feels so far up you might lose your balance if you [...]


The Last of the First Soldiers: Goodnight Grandad

My grandad was one of the last of the first men; one of the last of the surviving first soldiers to step foot on the Normandy beaches and fight. He was in the Royal Engineers during World War II, and one of his most clear memories was sleeping on a dirty chunk of grey pavement [...]

Jekyll or Hyde: writing children’s middle-grade or young adult fiction?

Just recently I've been changing. Not in the visiting-the-swimming-pool-so-I'm-getting-into-my-trunks changing, more the Jekyll and Hyde sense. Yes, that's right, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Probably admitting such a thing at this point in the blog might lead you to imagine dark hospital wards, a padded cell, me drooling angrily over my laptop, throwing test tubes [...]