Travel Writing

On this page, I’ve archived lots of travel writing articles I’ve written from various locations across the world.

Most of the writing is from my old personal blog – especially from my amazing time travelling across America.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: Contains swear words.

Travel Writing UK & Denmark – 7.5.11 – Love in the Ayr, Fat Naans, Castles, Scarborough, York, Roald Dahl’s Magical Garden & Dave’s Denmark

Travel Writing America – 21.11.10 – Chillin’ at Charla’s, Brawley Rodeo, Salvation Mountain, Slab City & Thanksgiving in LA

Travel Writing America & Canada – 21.10.10 – Pork Pies at Immigration, Ottawa, Montreal, Trees, Secret Magic Doors & Banned from the USA

Travel Writing America – 4.10.10 – Halloween, Autodriveaway, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Writer’s Wisdom, Billy the Kid & Aliens in Roswell

Travel Writing Scotland – 22.8.10 – Cathy Cassidy, Edinburgh Festival, Writing Workshops, Fringe Plays, Japanese B&Bs & Alone Lessons

Travel Writing America – 23.6.10 – Anthony’s America Ends for Now, FilmLA, Movie Star Musicians & Sacramento Friends

Travel Writing America – 30.5.10 – New York, Book Expo, Testicle Meat-Eating Plants, Jon Stewart & Literary Agents

Travel Writing America – 12.5.10 – Wonder of Los Angeles, Film Writing Ideas, Santa Monica, Media Man, Hollywood

Travel Writing America – Hollywood at 35, Buddha’s Belly, Jewish Seders, Rodeo Drive plastic people, LA Tar Pits & Tigers

Travel Writing America – 7.4.10 – Goodbye Mendocino

Travel Writing America – 26.3.10 – Pot Lane, Super 8 Bollywood Girl, Seattle’s Blue Moon, Pike’s Market, Man Cat & All-State Tickets

Travel Writing America – Madonna Inn, Movie Expos, FilmLA, Santa Barbara, Soulless Vegas & Death Valley

Travel Writing America – 23.2.10 – Dream Life or Temporary Pretend Life Discuss

Travel Writing America – 12.2.10 – Earthquakes, Gunman Cooks, the Governator, James Dean, Superbowl, Hooters & Pink Cadillacs

Travel Writing America – The Weed Man, Dictator Lemonade, Wizard of Oz Cafe, Sheriff of Nottingham & Tangoing

Travel Writing America – 21.1.10 – On Your Road

Travel Writing America – 14.1.10 – Pacific Coast Road Trips, Film Internships, Starbucks Choice-a-rama & a Toyota T100

Travel Writing America – 10.1.10 – Whales – All You Need to Know

Travel Writing America – Pumpkin Pie, Pear Pizza & a Sacramental New Year

Travel Writing America – 28.12.09 – Cougars, Widowmakers & the CC Rider

Colostomy Bags in Times Square