Anthony Burt


Travel Writing

On this page, I’ve archived lots of travel writing articles I’ve written from various locations across the world.

Most of the writing is from my old personal blog – especially from my amazing time travelling across America.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: Contains swear words.

Travel Writing UK & Denmark – 7.5.11 – Love in the Ayr, Fat Naans, Castles, Scarborough, York, Roald Dahl’s Magical Garden & Dave’s Denmark

Travel Writing America – 21.11.10 – Chillin’ at Charla’s, Brawley Rodeo, Salvation Mountain, Slab City & Thanksgiving in LA

Travel Writing America & Canada – 21.10.10 – Pork Pies at Immigration, Ottawa, Montreal, Trees, Secret Magic Doors & Banned from the USA

Travel Writing America – 4.10.10 – Halloween, Autodriveaway, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Writer’s Wisdom, Billy the Kid & Aliens in Roswell

Travel Writing Scotland – 22.8.10 – Cathy Cassidy, Edinburgh Festival, Writing Workshops, Fringe Plays, Japanese B&Bs & Alone Lessons

Travel Writing America – 23.6.10 – Anthony’s America Ends for Now, FilmLA, Movie Star Musicians & Sacramento Friends

Travel Writing America – 30.5.10 – New York, Book Expo, Testicle Meat-Eating Plants, Jon Stewart & Literary Agents

Travel Writing America – 12.5.10 – Wonder of Los Angeles, Film Writing Ideas, Santa Monica, Media Man, Hollywood

Travel Writing America – Hollywood at 35, Buddha’s Belly, Jewish Seders, Rodeo Drive plastic people, LA Tar Pits & Tigers

Travel Writing America – 7.4.10 – Goodbye Mendocino

Travel Writing America – 26.3.10 – Pot Lane, Super 8 Bollywood Girl, Seattle’s Blue Moon, Pike’s Market, Man Cat & All-State Tickets

Travel Writing America – Madonna Inn, Movie Expos, FilmLA, Santa Barbara, Soulless Vegas & Death Valley

Travel Writing America – 23.2.10 – Dream Life or Temporary Pretend Life Discuss

Travel Writing America – 12.2.10 – Earthquakes, Gunman Cooks, the Governator, James Dean, Superbowl, Hooters & Pink Cadillacs

Travel Writing America – The Weed Man, Dictator Lemonade, Wizard of Oz Cafe, Sheriff of Nottingham & Tangoing

Travel Writing America – 21.1.10 – On Your Road

Travel Writing America – 14.1.10 – Pacific Coast Road Trips, Film Internships, Starbucks Choice-a-rama & a Toyota T100

Travel Writing America – 10.1.10 – Whales – All You Need to Know

Travel Writing America – Pumpkin Pie, Pear Pizza & a Sacramental New Year

Travel Writing America – 28.12.09 – Cougars, Widowmakers & the CC Rider

Colostomy Bags in Times Square