Sherlock and Watson

I have two wonderful, mischievous and cuddly black cats called Sherlock and Watson. Adopted from a farm in North Devon when they were eight weeks old, they are a pair of cheeky chaps.

They were born on Friday the 13th, which makes them two very lucky cat-brothers.

Sherlock shows his heart on his sleeve, gives everyone big kisses when he meets them, but he’s a little more shy about staying outside for too long. He much prefers cosying-up by the fire, or strolling across my keyboard to get some attention.

Watson is a bit more adventurous. He roams about a lot more and is quite naughty. He often gets into scrapes with other cats and has been known to pop into people’s houses and have a good wander around. But, when he’s in a chilled mood, he’s a happy kitty.

Together, they are two amazing little beings. Full of character, life and energy. They’ve made our house a fun-filled, homely place. Without a doubt, since we got them, I’ve laughed more from their amusing antics than I ever have in my whole life!

You can see lots more of their adventures in this photo album.