I’ve written and edited a lot of different books (some are in the above image), most of them for children. Many have been commissioned for big companies like Disney, which means I write them without my name going on them.

For instance, I bet you didn’t know that I wrote and edited the children’s book version of The Pirates of the Caribbean film? Or the children’s book version of Cars 2? Well, yes I did. I also had a hand in a free Doctor Who book that came with the comic Doctor Who Adventures I used to write for.

As well as this writing, I regularly read my Golden Egg Academy friends’ manuscripts as they go through different draft stages. We all share our work to ensure we get as much editorial feedback as possible. This always improves a book.

Right now, I’m working on my own children’s picture books, a time-travel adventure for middle-grade aged children and a pirate fantasy novel.

I also read “professionally” and review children’s books for brilliant book website, My Book Corner.